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Approving Agencies (OGAs) under the DevelopTT platform receive Information Communications Technology boost.

As of April 06, The Ministry of Trade and Industry in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and Development began upgrading the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure of approving agencies currently under the Automation of the Construction Permitting System, branded DevelopTT. The other government approving agencies (OGAs) received a total of seventy (70) desktops, eighteen (18) wall monitors, and fifty eight (58) tablets, inclusive of data SIM cards and protective cases.

DevelopTT, is an online portal facilitating the electronic submission and processing of applications for all major statutory planning permissions and building approvals. It is designed to facilitate electronic processing of applications by twenty-nine (29) other government approving agencies (OGAs) across ten (10) Ministries together with the Tobago House of Assembly (THA). The OGAs spread across multiple regulatory agencies and numerous government agencies, which either give advice or conduct extensive reviews during the process. Agencies can fall in one or both of the following categories:

Advisory: An advisory agency is an agency that provides professional expertise dependent on their area of expertise; or provides other valuable input and reviews to applications for development.

Regulatory: A public Authority or government body which ensures compliance with the provisions of any legislation or regulations which guide and regulate development.

Currently the OGAs online within the DevelopTT and their roles are as follows:




Drainage Division

(Ministry of Works and Transport)

Historical Restoration Unit

(Ministry of Works and Transport)

Highways Division

(Ministry of Works and Transport)

Traffic Management Branch

(Ministry of Works and Transport)

County Medical Officer of Health


Environmental Management Authority

Housing Development Corporation


Institute of Marine Affairs


Land Reclamation Committee

(Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries)


Office of the Commissioner of State Lands

(Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries)


Surveys and Mapping

(Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries)


Petroleum Inspectorate


Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority


Fire Prevention Administration

(Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service)


Water & Essential Service

(Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service)


Department of Environment


Division of Settlements, Urban Renewal and Public Utilities

(Tobago House of Assembly)


Land Management

(Tobago House of Assembly)


Planning Unit/Chief Administrator’s Office

(Tobago House of Assembly)


Public Health, Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development

(Tobago House of Assembly)



Agencies such as Government Electrical Inspectorate Division, T&TEC and WASA are not yet incorporated into the DevelopTT system. However once applications receive a referral they will then be submitted to these agencies, who will make their necessary assessment decisions offline.

DevelopTT has digitally inter-connected six (6) Municipal Corporations and 20 approving agencies throughout Trinidad and Tobago via the live run of the T1 and T5 regional areas which include Port of Spain, Diego Martin and environs and County Caroni and parts of the San Juan Laventille Regional Corporation. OGAs become involved in differing situations when the applicant receives Town and Country Planning Division approval. The processing time of an application may vary based on the number of other agencies that are involved in the final process. The occasion of a referral, occurs in accordance to Commercial Developments; Industrial and Warehouse Developments; Institutional Developments; Multi-Family Residential Developments and Single Family Residential Developments.

The digital devices received by the agencies added value to ensure a more efficient, transparent and accurate decision making process, that is timely in its delivery. The partnership of the Ministry Planning and Development and the Ministry of Trade and Industry is poised to transform the Construction Permitting Process of the government to a fully online, automated e-service.