Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) construction approvals are now accepted online through Town and Country Planning Division’s DevelopTT



06 February, 2024


Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) construction approvals are now accepted online through Town and Country Planning Division’s DevelopTT


The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) module of DevelopTT was officially launched on May 08, 2023, to date, 30 applications have been submitted to WASA via DevelopTT. The WASA module is part of the Planning Permission e Service offered at the online platform. To apply for WASA approvals through DevelopTT the applicant must receive an approved Planning Permission online. After receiving Town and Country Planning approvals, applicants can apply for Building Development Applications, Plumbing Applications or Sewer Connection Applications through the WASA module. Once an applicant has submitted through DevelopTT, there is no need to apply offline to WASA.


The Hon. Pennelope Beckles, Minister of Planning and Development, with the mandate of Town and Country Planning Division (TCPD), on the commencement of WASA as part of the offer of DevelopTT stated: “The addition of WASA, to the digital platform of DevelopTT, is a profound step towards making the system seamless. As Minister with the authority over National Spatial Development, I give the assurance that DevelopTT will continue to work tirelessly to connect all relevant agencies within the Construction Permitting System. This goal is not only a benefit to our citizenry, but also aids in increasing the ease of doing business within Trinidad and Tobago.”


The DevelopTT system is meant to allow for more efficient and transparent processing and to reduce the dependence on paper based submissions. The system allows applicants to submit and track their applications, while other government agencies that are part of the system also process applications digitally. In keeping with this thrust of inter-agency processing, applicants who have received a Decision Letter that indicates that the application must be ‘conditioned’, this is to require further approval from a Government Agency or Corporation the applicant will then be given access to online forms to complete the process. With the addition of the WASA module, relevant WASA forms will now become accessible online as part of the individual’s application process. To the applicant’s convenience submissions to WASA and to the Municipal Corporation, although done separately are processed within the same application.


Presently, applications for Planning Permission along with Stamp Duty Correspondence, Status of Land Correspondence, Liquor License Correspondence, and Custom Bonded Correspondence are processed online for all Town and Country Planning Division (TCPD) Regional Offices. To submit an application via DevelopTT, the public is encouraged to register for a TTBizLink account to log in on the system. Registration Guidelines can be found on www.developtt.gov.tt by clicking ‘How to register’ and ‘Applicant’ for further details. For assistance or Technical Support using www.developtt.gov.tt you can contact us via LiveChat, Email support@developtt.gov.tt or call us at 800- 4DEV (4338).