TCPD Enforcement

With reference to a CNC 3 news report on Thursday April 13, 2018 titled ‘Hindu devotees claim religious and political victimisation’, the Minister of Planning and Development is clarifying the matter via this forum.  This is a matter of public safety and ensuring that the rules and laws are followed to ensure that all who use developments are safe from possible injury.

The Town and Country Planning Division received a report from a member of the public against development being undertaken at the South Oropouche site in 2014.
An investigation in 2016 revealed that the site consisted of a number of structures of which one structural addition was currently under construction.

(i)         A letter of advice dated January 14, 2016 was issued.
(ii)        An application referenced t8n/1007/2016 was refused planning permission on April 13, 2016.
(iii)       While the refusal letter at notes (5) advised that the matter be discussed, the development continued unabated.  There was no attempt on the part of the owners to engage on discussions with the TCPD or to rectify the matter.

(I)         The building is a public building and there is no approval for the structural details of all of the buildings constructed;
(II)        All of the existing structures on the site do not have the benefit of planning permission nor requisite approvals from the other relevant approving agencies;
(III)       There are no car-parking facilities to service the development existing on the site;
(IV)      Part of the structure is constructed over a drain reserve;
(V)       The town and country planning act, chapter 35:01 outlines specifically the requirement for the carrying out of development on any land after the commencement of the act and the development undertaken on the subject site does not conform
Due to the egregious breaches carried out on the site, the Honourable Minister agreed to enforcement action and the respective enforcement notices were served by registered mail on April 03, 2018.