MP, fisherfolk clean La Brea beaches

“Please stop littering and be responsible,” pleaded La Brea MP Nicole Olivierre as she helped remove mounds of garbage from the beaches in her constituency which washed ashore after recent floods.

The initiative organised by the Ministry of Planning and Development was conducted following complaints by the La Brea Fisherfolk Association that the shorelines were littered with garbage which began washing up on Sunday following heavy rains and flooding in the district. The garbage included scores of plastic bottles, plastic bags, appliances, branches and other debris.

Wearing rubber boots and equipped with a rake at Carat Shed beach, Olivierre said based on currents of the Gulf of Paria, the beaches in La Brea seemed to be the destination point for ocean debris.

Following the floods last weekend there was a large amount of debris along the shorelines at Point Sable, Carat Shed and Coffee Beach.

Olivierre, who was accompanied by her office staff, said this was a recurring problem. She thanked the Ministry for organising the clean-up operation.

“We could have initiatives to clean-up the beaches but we need to address the source of the problem which is the indiscriminate dumping of garbage in our watercourses which end up in the Gulf of Paria and deposited on the beaches.

“People need to stop littering. They need to stop throwing their garbage in the rivers and drains to the detriment of marine life and people.”

Association president Alvin La Borde said his members also assisted in the clean-up exercise.

“They all did a pretty good clean-up on Carat Shed and Coffee Beach. It’s about 80 per cent clean but what happens is that there are a lot of plastic bags stuck in the sand and we need a backhoe to dig up the sand to remove it. I hope the other beaches are cleaned as well, Point Sable is really bad,” he said. He was upset that they got no help from the Siparia Regional Corporation.

“No one came here this morning. The corporation is responsible for cleaning the shoreline.”

In response, head of the Public Health Department at the corporation Dr Curtis Sonny said workers will be cleaning some of the beaches in La Brea today.

He said two weeks ago workers cleaned all the beaches in the area after hundreds of dead fish washed ashore.

Published by
Sascha Wilson
Guardian Newspaper