First Peoples Recreation Site Gets Booster Station

Photo: The Honourable Marvin Gonzales, Minister of Public Utilities and the Honourable Pennelope Beckles, Minister of Planning and Development commissioned the Santa Rosa First Peoples' Booster Station along the Arima-Blanchisseuse Road. 

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First Peoples Recreation Site Gets Booster Station

January 11, 2023 

Kimberly De Souza

The First Peoples Recreation Site along the Blanchisseuse Road in Arima now has a water supply after a booster station was installed by the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA).

Member of Parliament for Arima, Planning and Development Minister, Pennelope Beckles, says the commissioning of the First Peoples Booster Station is a significant milestone event which brings together a mutual dream on the part of the Government, the national community at large and indigenous community.

Minister of Public Utilities, Marvin Gonzales, notes this is the 33rd successfully completed project under the Community Water Improvement Programme in almost two years.

Minister Gonzales boasts that now over 100,000 citizens all across Trinidad and Tobago are experiencing an improved water supply.

Chief of the Santa Rosa First Peoples Community, Ricardo Bharath Hernandez, expressed appreciation and gratitude for the support given to the Community.

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